Video Overview

The Brown Water Navy Panel

Patrolling the Coastal and Inland Waterways

This panel salutes the Brown Water Navy and Coast Guard seadogs deployed by the U.S. military to patrol, transport troops and supplies into, and monitor the coastlines, rivers and watery delta of the Mekong River.

Featured Veterans Story

Raul Herrera

Swift Boat Mariner

Sailor Raul Herrera spent his 20th year growing up fast as a swiftboat mariner in Vietnam, monitoring the coastline for enemy troop and supply movements.

Additional Veterans Stories

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The Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument stands as a permanent honor to all Texans who served in the Vietnam War – and as a permanent memorial to the 3,417 Texans who never came home.  This memorial is made through The 3417 Project, which individually honors each Texan who died in the Vietnam War.

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