“Thanks for acknowledging our hard work and dedication.”

Robert Ruiz

“Well done my brothers.”

John Aycock

“Thank you for all the hard work to get this memorial done Never forget. Semper Fi”

Jim Cook

“I served in Vietnam from 1967 to 1968 and was with the Big Red One 11Bravo 1st Infantry Division (Lai Kay home of Big Red One, 2nd Mechanized Unit). I received a Purple Heart, Bronze Star with Valor, Army commendation, RVN Gallantry Cross and Civil Action First Class. God Bless America.”

Antonio Silva

“Welcome home to all my Vietnam brothers. Thank you for your service. Currahee!”

Ronny Beesley

“I served in Vietnam from February ’69 to March ’70 with the 1st Air Cav Division, 1/8 HHC. I lost two high school buddies there and I will never forget them as we had many great times in school. Thanks to all that put in many hours of thought and sweat in this wonderful monument. May God Bless All.”

Raymond “Lefty” Hanzelka

“Thank you for caring enough to remember something we as individuals can not forget.”

Ronald Null

“Thank you for a wonderful dedication ceremony this morning! It was beautiful, and I truly felt like I was a part of history being there today. I look forward to visiting the monument again, and hope that you will continue posting photos and stories on this virtual tour.”

Lisa Metzler

“Thank you for all the hard works your team have put in this project. It’s very informative and will be a good source of learning materials for young students about this most misunderstanding conflict. Respectfully, Trong”

Trong Phan

“This is fantastic. As a Vietnam Veteran who served in the 10 3rd Airborne I am proud our state has given us this memorial. Thank you.”

William Lowe