“I want you to bring your children here, and your grandchildren. You tell them about these men and women that we honored here today. You tell your kids about how these veterans answered their nation’s call and left Texas to go to a far away land called Vietnam. Tell them how these veterans fulfilled their duty to their country. Your duty is to make sure it is Never Forgotten.”

Karoni Forrester
“Beautiful tribute. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sister of Corpsman Kenneth Travis Norvell.” 
Kathy McWhite
“Great job, Texas! The dedication was first class and the monument is beautiful. Thanks to all who worked so hard on this! My Vietnam Veteran was so proud to be there and our entire family attended. We can’t thank you enough for everything!” 
Ginger Hinson Rogers

Thank you for honoring all who gave it all for this country. From me a OEF veteran and my father a Vietnam veteran. It means a lot to us  – my uncle Robert Oliver Wells KIA in VIETNAM in 1969 is the man I am named after.” 

Robert Wells

“A monument that you will want to see!! It’s awesome! About time. God bless our Veterans and God bless Texas!” 

Dennis Minks

“Well done Texas! It’s hauntingly beautiful. Thank you all that serve and have served this great country.” 

Joseph A. Garcia

“This is where our heroes became everybody’s heroes.”

Bertha Picon