“Your powerful stories will help future generations cherish, protect, and preserve the legacy of freedom that you and millions before you have fought and even died for. This Monument will serve as a constant and eternal reminder of the devotion and sacrifices made so that we may continue to live free.”

Congressman Sam Johnson – Former POW

“In the course of the 400 plus hours I spent making these tags I met each individual, name by name. The 3417 came from every corner of our State, but are now united in this memorial. Symbolically, they are forever guarded by those who served with them.”

Don Dorsey

“Every element of this monument honors real Texans – squids and soldiers, flyboys and nurses, jarheads and gunners and grunts. Men who endured imprisonment and families whose loved ones made the greatest sacrifice.”

Terry B. Burkett

“To all of you who have lost loved ones after they returned home, we want you to know that Texas remembers them also. This monument will stand forever as a symbol that we will never forget.”

Robert Floyd