The Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument Living History Curriculum

Because the Best Way To Learn History is to Make It.

The teacher-designed TCVVM Living History Curriculum invites Texas students to become historians as they help preserve the stories of Texans who experienced the Vietnam War. From a simulation of the wartime draft to time travel into the 1960s, students will learn about the war through the words of those who lived it, and connect with veterans to create personal histories for publication to the Living Monument that accompanies the Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument.

Learning activities aligned with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills incorporate 21st Century Learning approaches –

  • Research & Information Fluency
  • Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
  • Collaboration & Communication
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Authentic Digital Engagement

Social/emotional learning is an added benefit as students connect with, interview, and document the personal experiences of military veterans, families, and Vietnamese war refugees, and contribute to the preservation of the state’s history through publication to the Living Monument that accompanies the Texas Capitol monument.

The TCVVM Living History Curriculum is made possible through the generosity of the George and Cynthia Mitchell Foundation. It is free and may be reproduced for nonprofit education uses with credit to All other rights reserved. (c) Copyright TCVVM 2015.

Educational Materials

Thank you for your interest in the Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument Living History Curriculum. You can download a print-ready copy of the curriculum below.

Some learning activities may be available in a text only Word file for easier modification for students with disabilities. Please contact us if you need this or other assistance.

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Sample Pages

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the curriculum appropriate for my class?

The TCVVM Living History Curriculum is TEKS-aligned for 11th grade U.S. History and English III students, but it can also be used for other courses and grade levels. We encourage teachers to choose from the menu of learning activities and tailor them to your students’ learning needs and course objectives.

How will student-created profiles be published?

Profiles and photographs can be uploaded here. We will happily publish profiles that are well presented (free from grammatical or spelling errors) and respect the veteran’s story.

Should student names be included in profiles?

Yes! Students should include their name(s), the teacher’s name and the school’s name at the beginning of the profile.

Can profiles be created collaboratively?

Absolutely. Students should create their profiles individually or in groups as the teacher assigns.

Do you accept profiles of veterans who are not Texans?

Our mission specifically honors Texas veterans, but we will err on the side of inclusiveness. We will publish profiles of Vietnam veterans who are native Texans, entered the service through Texas, or have lived in Texas for most of their post-war years. Profiles of the 3417 should be limited to the Texas database of killed or missing in action. We will also profile Texans of Vietnamese descent who served in the war as American allies or migrated to Texas immediately after the war.

What types of photographs should be submitted? Is there a limit?

Ideally, students will help veterans scan their war-time photographs for use in the living monument profile. Though technically there is no limit, ten or twelve photographs should be maximum number submitted. Please do not submit journalist/professional photographs or others that are protected by copyright.

My students want to create a video profile. Can this be published?

Video profiles should be published to an exterior site, such as YouTube, and the link provided in the TCCVM submission. A written story and at least one photograph will need to accompany the link. Warning: use of copyrighted music, film footage or photographs in a video could prevent its publication.

Can individuals not affiliated with a class create and publish veteran profiles?

Yes! We welcome profile submissions by veterans, family members, home-school students, and students conducting independent research.

I have added a learning activity that I’d like to share. Can I do that?

Please do! Contact us to let us know about it. We’d love to spread your idea to other teachers!