Antonio Martinez

Poteet, Texas

Two weeks prior to my nineteenth birthday, I was drafted. I was sent to Ft. Lewis Washington for my basic and Army Infantry Training. By July 1970 I arrived at Cam Ran Bay from there I was sent to Chu Lai then on to Duc Pho LZ Bronco with the 23rd Infantry Div. known as the Americal. Once there I joined the LRRPS a six man team. During my time with them, twice we had to rebuild the team once hit hard by the Vietcong the other by friendly fire (Gun Ships). I lost a lot of Brothers during my tour, but also gained thousands of them. I love them all. After forty two years I’m still learning to adjust and I always feel better when I’m around my Vietnam brothers. I will never forget my time in hell, but I wouldn’t trade a minute of my experience for anything.

Go Infantry!!!!!!!

Stats for Antonio Martinez

Hometown: Poteet
Rank: Private
Years Served: 1970-1971

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