Denton Joseph Hasdorff

San Antonio, Texas

Story contributed by Pat Wilson. Linked story “Memories Of Vietnam: In memory Of Denton Joseph Hasdorff” by Michael L. Knox and used with permission.

My brother, Denton Joseph Hasdorff was a Sargent in the Air Force stationed at Tan Son Nhut Air base near Saigon. He was killed in a rocket attack on June 12, 1968. I have attached a story written by the last person to be with my brother Michael Knox. Joe had a severe head wound and and lost a lot of blood as a result of the attack. He was comforted in his last minutes on this earth by his good friend Michael Knox who held him in his arms until the medics came to take him. Mike wrote a story about his “Memories of Vietnam” in memory of my brother. I have attached that story. Michael Knox has given me permission to submit the story to the TCVVM.

Memories Of Vietnam: In Memory Of Denton Joseph Hasdorff

Stats for Denton Joseph Hasdorff

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
 Air Force
Rank: Sergeant
Years Served: 1968

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