Dorsey Brothers

Port Neches, Texas

Ron and Don Dorsey of Port Neches, Texas didn’t have to go to Vietnam. Both were college students succeeding in their studies. But as the war escalated, the twin brothers shared a belief that it was their duty to serve.

The Dorsey brothers enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. Ron served in Vietnam from 1968-69 as a “grunt” with Fox 2/7. Don served from 1969-1970 as a regimental sniper with the 1st Division, 1st Regiment HQ Company.

For a short time, their mother and father had two sons in country at the height of the Vietnam War. The U.S. Marines were stationed in the northern part of South Vietnam, closest to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that marked the border of the civil war between the Communists in the north who sought control of the Republic of South Vietnam. The United States military command divided South Vietnam into four sections designated with Roman numerals and the term “corps.” The northern section where the Marines made up much of the ground force was known as I Corps.

This mountainous region was hazardous in many ways. In addition to the heavy fighting that occurred there against the formidable North Vietnamese Army, the Marines endured constant challenges that included monsoon weather, leaches, poisonous snakes, and even attacks by tigers. The Vietnam War was the costliest war to date for the United States Marines. More than 14,000 were killed, more than 51,000 were wounded, and 212 are among the Missing In Action.

The Dorsey brothers were among the fortunate. Both returned home to their grateful parents.

As Ron’s tour wound down, Don was able to visit him on his way in to war.

Coming Home – One Marine’s Story by Don Dorsey (pdf)

Stats for Dorsey Brothers

Hometown: Port Neches
Rank: Ron – Corporal; Don – Sergeant
Years Served: Ron – 1968-1969; Don – 1969-1970

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