Esteban M. Garza

Falfurrias, Texas

Esteban M. Garza, known as Steve to “my guys” as he refers to his Vietnam brothers, is a successful businessman residing today with his wife and family in Austin, Texas. Steve is a regular attendee of 1st Bn 4th Marines 3rd Marine Division yearly reunions. In a response to a request at a past reunion, Steve wrote a recollection of his baptism in combat within days of going ‘in-country’ and shares it unedited with this collection of stories honoring our Texas Vietnam Heroes.

Please follow this link to read Mr. Garza’s story: Charlie Company, 1st Bn 4th Marines Assault On Hill 484.

Stats for Esteban M. Garza

Hometown: Falfurrias
 Marines; 2nd PLT, C Co, 1st BN, 4th MAR REG, 3rd MAR DIV; Rifleman
Rank: PFC
Years Served: 1969-70

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