Ford Mays

Kilgore, Texas

Most of my tour was at the Qui Nhon Ammunition Depot with a TDY to LZ English at Bong Son. Our work days were 0700-1900, 7 days a week. The depot was infiltrated and blown up twice while I was there. The most memorable was March 23, 1969 when my CO, CPT Wm. John Ahlum, and our driver, SP4 Jerry Lee Peterson, were killed. Literally by the flip of a coin it was CPT Ahlum and not me. His birthday was the same month, day, and year as mine. In addition to PH Purple Hearts, they were also both awarded Bronze Stars w/V. RIP

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Stats for Ford Mays

Hometown: Kilgore, Texas
Branch: U.S. Army Ordnance Corps
Rank: 1st Lieutenant, Ammo Officer (4514)
Years Served: 1968 – 1969