Hadley Foster

San Antonio, Texas

Major Hadley Foster died a hero. To myself and my two siblings he is first and foremost Daddy. Nicknamed Maus, he only stood 5′ 4″. Though small in stature, he measured tall in his actions. He was a natural leader, and as a senior at Texas A&M University, he held the post of Company Commander. He is a direct descendant of Margaret Hadley and Obedience Smith, two Texas women known for their place in Texas History. Hadley Foster spoke several languages fluently and always continued his studies wherever he was stationed. He was a loving husband and father, strong in his Christian faith. He is remembered daily and his life and death are a continual source of inspiration and influence on the wife and 3 children he regrettably left behind.

Stats for Hadley Foster

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Rank: Unknown
Years Served: Unknown

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