Henry Fletcher

Alice, Texas

I’m submitting a link to my story that was carried in most newspapers, Navy Times, Marine Corps Times and Leatherneck when it came out and was carried in the Austin paper as well. The story is how the Navy Corpsman that saved my life and I were to meet after so long, but also about the battle of July 28th, 1968, where we lost 21-29 Marine, 21 were from Kilo and other died that were support. -29 is a better number, over 60 wounded and only a number of just over 30 were able to walk in the next day. We had a Corpsman awarded the Medal of Honor that day. I was suppose to be sent home but instead they kept me and healed me then sent me back to get wounded twice more. I wish to tell this story to remember our Kilo Co. Brothers.

The story linked here is from the September 10, 2007 Corpus Christi Caller-Times by Israel Saenz.

Man Who Saved Life, Survivor To Meet

Stats for Henry Fletcher

Hometown: Alice
 Marines; Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines; Grunt, Point Man, Fire Team Leader, Weapons Squad Leader and Rifle Squad Leader
Rank: LCPL
Years Served: 1968

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