James Barnes

Greenville, Texas

On September 13 ,Company D had undergone its baptism by fire and emerged nearly unscathed. Less than a month after its formation, Company D under the command of CPT Burke had become a mature and fully operational combat unit.

We had many more fights with the NVA, but I was wounded in our first fight. We had one killed and 4 wounded..this only lasted about 30 minutes.

We where all young and I say ready for anything. I was wounded twice while in Nam.

I worked with Recon( LT Newman ) on a couple of outings. He always wanted me to work with him,but I could not leave D Co. For the last 2 months I worked with Montagnards north of Dak To… Bullet Battalion.

Stats for James Barnes

Hometown: Greenville
 Army; Combat Medic; 1/8 Inf 4th Inf Div  (Company D)
Rank: Sgt.
Years Served: 1967-68

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