Jesse Don Hennig

Garland, Texas

National Defense Medal; Vietnam Service Medal; Vietnam Commendation Medal; Army Commendation Medal. JD Hennig joined at 22 , leaving a wife and baby. He wanted to make his father & country proud. He came home with honor having been awarded Army Commendation Medal by Gen. Westmoreland due to consequences of a visit to Nam by President Nixon, but he was spat upon at the airport. He had PTSD before it had a name but he worked at Texas Instruments in research and gathered more awards, night vision etc. He died from Agent Orange Cancer at 52. He is sorely missed. He had little formal education but worked side by side with PhDs and went to MIT to train PhDs in his technique in Silicon Growth for Black Box Projects. He remarried and has several grandchildren, he taught them all how to fish and sail. When JD was sedated he always called out names of his squad who didn’t come home. He felt guilty that he came home and not them. He loved his country to his death and they awarded him 100% disability before he passed. He made a difference in many lives, he is honored to this day. He is listed along with all the service people who have passed after the war due to causes of the war and was honored at The Wall in Washington in 2004 when his name was added to the “In Memorium Group” which is still growing.

Stats for Jesse Don Hennig

Hometown: Garland
 Army; 101st Airborne; Truck Driver 1x
Rank: SP5
Years Served: 1969-70

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