Larry Upton

Austin, Texas

I was 19 when I joined the Marine Corps and went to Vietnam. I was part of the 9th Motor Transport Battalion stationed in Quang Tre/Dong Ha. This was sometime in August or September of 1969. We were just coming out of LZ Stud after dropping off supplies. We were part of a convoy of 9th and 7th Motor Transport Battalions. Just as we turned the corner and left the area, we came under sniper fire. Well 9th Motor Transports motto is “Run away and fight another day”. The problem was 7th Motor transports was “Stand and Fight”. The good thing was it took about five minutes for the jets to come in and drop about three or four pods of napalm on the ridge. That pretty well took care of any hostiles. I’m not sure which Battalion covered our tail, but I was mighty grateful, whoever it was.

I’ll always remember our tow truck driver. Anytime you came up on one of our own truck drivers, you always waved hi. Any time you came up on him, if he had a load, he would pop a wheelie with that tow truck just to say hi. That was a site to behold. It always made me proud to be part of the Ninth. Yea, split shifting and Wheelies were not allowed.

Stats for Larry Upton

Hometown: Austin, Texas
Rank: Sgt – Truck Driver
Years Served: 1969-70

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