Loyd McCarthy

Borger, Texas

Story Submitted By: Charlie Morris
In memory of Captain Loyd V. McCarthy, a Borger resident who died in the Vietnam War (KIA March 16, 1971 – Quang Tri Province). Captain McCarthy served two tours of duty in Vietnam and was killed one day prior to his return home. Captain McCarthy has a widow, daughter and a brother. His brother Steve still resides in Borger.

Captain McCarthy was an Army aviator serving as a helicopter pilot on his second tour in Battery B, 4th Battalion, 77th Artillery (Aerial Rocket Artillery), 101st Airborne Division at the time of his death. Captain McCarthy was piloting an AH-1G “Cobra” helicopter in bad weather when his aircraft crashed, killing him and the other pilot.

The Vietnam War is often referred to as “the helicopter war.” Around 12,000 helicopters were used in the war. The AH-1G Cobra provided aerial rocket support for the infantry and were often called in, like field artillery, to help ground troops in trouble. Weather is always a factor for helicopter pilots, and rapid changes in weather conditions were not uncommon in Vietnam.

Stats for Loyd McCarthy

Hometown: Borger
 Army, Helicopter Pilot
Rank: Captain
Years Served: 1971

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