Ludi McAuley

Brownsville, Texas

I joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1970. I went to Boot Camp in Beaufort, SC. After boot camp, my first duty station was at MCRD San Diego, CA in which my orders were to go to Marine Corps Communications-Electronics Schools and trained to be a Ground Radio Repairman. I repaired the radios that the Marines carried on their backs such as the PRC-25 and PRC-75. I performed troubleshooting on combinations of radio sets, to ensure reliable service to users. Typical duties include the repairing, aligning, and calibration of radio equipment and secure voice systems; requisitioning of components and parts; and the interconnection of equipment to provide special capabilities.

I did not see combat but it was an honor to serve along side those Marines that did. During that time in the history of the United States, it was sad time for those military men and women that served in Vietnam. But I am proud to have been one of the few, U.S. Marine. God bless and Semper Fi!

Stats for Ludi McAuley

Hometown: Brownsville
Rank: Ground Radio Repairman
Years Served: 1970-1972

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