Mike Grijalva

El Paso, Texas

In Honor Of: Juan Gonzales, KIA

My name is Mike Grijalva and I am a member of the VVA Post 844 El Paso,TX. I read the story on Juan Gonzales on the website. I was with 3rd Platoon B Co. 2nd Bn 35th Rgt 3rd Bde 25th Infantry Div. In the spring and summer of 1967 we were in the Duc Pho area at Montezuma Mountain. For a while we had half a perimeter on the coast of the South China Sea just southeast of Montezuma. Every morning we would set out on sweeps, search and destroy missions inland. Many times we were supported by the APCs of the 3/4 Cav. If I’m not mistaken one of them was number 19. We would ride on them to speed up to our area of operation. We moved to Montezuma to resume our patrols and ambushes without the APCs. I remember hearing that at the APC that we at times would ride on had hit a mine and all were KIA.

Stats for Mike Grijalva

Hometown: El Paso
Rank: 3rd Platoon B Co.
Years Served: 1967

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