Nickie Gage

Lubbock, Texas

Nickie Wayne Gage, a Vietnam veteran, has been a resident of Vernon, Texas for the past 27 years. He graduated from Lubbock High School in 1965 and joined the Army soon after, along with many of his classmates, both men and women, who were Admirals and Colonels. Nickie served as a “Demolition Specialist” and is the recipient of the Bronze Star with “Valor” for his service during the Vietnam conflict. He was in an elite group of 28 soldiers who went through airborne and special training. Out of those 28 men, Gage was the only one to return home. Gage felt that the reason he made it home was so he could help folks understand what war veterans went through and to urge recognition for veterans, no matter what capacity they served or in what war they served in, both the survivors and those who lost their lives serving our Country. He had two brothers that he did not want to have to go to Nam, and he went back to war again.

Recently, Gage was presented with one of the first “Bronze Star” license plates to be issued by the State of Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

Stats for Nickie Gage

Hometown: Lubbock
Rank: Spec 5
Years Served: 1966-1968

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