Richard Fuentes

Corpus Christi, Texas

Richard Fuentes son of the late Mr & Mrs Guadalupe Fuentes enlisted in the United States Marine Corp in 1966. Richard was in the Marines from 1966-1970. He volunteered to go to Vietnam and served in Vietnam from 68-69. He was stationed at Marble Mt and was a CH 53 Machine Door Gunner. Richard was awarded his Combat Aircrewman Wings W/3 Gold Stars, Strike/Flight Air Medal Award, Marcorpsman Award and his Good Conduct Medal Award. Richard was one of 9 brothers who all served their country. 8 brothers served in the United States Marine Corp and 1 brother served in the United States Air Force. Israel his brother who served in the Air Force also saw time in Vietnam. Their oldest brother started a tradition that none of the brothers wanted to break.

Stats for Richard Fuentes

Hometown: Corpus Christi
Rank: E-5
Years Served: 1968-1969

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