Vernon Roberts

Paris, Texas

Sgt E-5 Vernon A. Roberts born in Dumas, Texas July,13 1949. Later moved north of Windom, Texas where he grew up and graduated from Windom High School in May 1968. He joined the Army May 1969, went to Ft. Bliss for basic training and later to Maryland for Maintenance school. In December 1969 he went to Vietnam to work on and repair vehicles from jeeps to tanks. These vehicles were used by the fighting men of the Vietnam War. After two years and one month of his time, he returned home in January 1972.

Sgt E-5 Vernon Robert was with the 160th Maintenance Company
86th Maintenance Brigade
Cha Rang Valley South Vietnam

Army Service Medal
Vietnam Service Medal
Mech Badge
4 Oversea Bars
VCM w/60 Dev

Stats for Vernon Roberts

Hometown: Paris
 Army; 160th Maintenance Co., 86th Maintenance Brigade
Rank: Sgt.
Years Served: 1969-72

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