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The Grunt Figure

The Backbone of the American Military

The standing figure holding his weapon in an alert position depicts the common foot soldier in Vietnam – the backbone of the American military. In the slang of the war he was known as a “grunt”.

Featured Veterans Story

Sam Floca

First Infantry Division

As an infantry soldier, sixth-generation Texan Sam Floca was part of the core fighting force during the Vietnam War, and as a soldier with the First Infantry Division, he was part of a famed unit also known as the Big Red One.

Additional Veterans Stories

Learn More About the 3417 Project

The Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument stands as a permanent honor to all Texans who served in the Vietnam War – and as a permanent memorial to the 3,417 Texans who never came home.  This memorial is made through The 3417 Project, which individually honors each Texan who died in the Vietnam War.

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