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Ten years after they began – and four decades after their war – a dedicated group of Texas Vietnam veterans saw their final mission completed as the Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument was dedicated on the statehouse grounds. From the sculpting process to the creation of a sacred memorial that rests in the monument’s heart, this documentary film allows us to watch the monument come to life. And when it is finally unveiled, it delivers a long overdue message for a generation of Texans who followed their nation to war.  Texas Welcomes Them Home: The Making of the Monument shows us that a committed group of individuals can, in fact, make a better world.

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The Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument will stand as a permanent honor to all Texans who served in the Vietnam War – and it will also serve as a permanent memorial to the 3,417 Texans who never came home.  This memorial will be made through The 3417 Project, which will individually honor each Texan who died in the Vietnam War.

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